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Woking: We’ve Got To Get It Right

Posted by Luke Davis
Posted on Sun 2 Oct 2022
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Following FC Halifax Town’s 4-0 defeat against Woking, manager Chris Millington spoke to Shaymen TV to give his thoughts on the game.

“In this period after the game, I’m furious,” Millington said. “I’m incredibly angry. We were weak, too passive we looked scared, and too many were packing in the face of adversity. It looked like Aldershot all over again. Some clearly don’t care enough. You’ve got some lads in there, who, regardless of what they have to face, will give everything.

Kian Spence is the first one that springs to mind. His effort and his application is the same whether you’re 4-0 up or 4-0 down and his standards are through the roof. But then you’ve got players who just seem to wilt and fade under any kind of pressure or adversity and this is the time when you need 11 Kian Spences. You need 11 players, who, regardless of the situation, roll their sleeves up and give you everything they’ve got. Clearly we haven’t got enough of them and it’s something that has got to be rectified.”

Town found themselves two goals down inside the opening 20 minutes and Millington was incredibly disappointed with the defending at both goals.

“It was weak,” Millington told Shaymen TV. “An hour and a half before the game when we had our pre-match meeting, one of the things we stress and emphasise is making sure we slow down the opposition set-pieces, slow down their re-starts. They’re going to want do things quickly, but we need to make sure we slow them down and we can’t do any more for the lads. We give them all the information and all the support we provide for them an hour and half before the game as well as during the week in training and then they offer up that. So clearly something has got to change and at the moment it looks like personnel.”

Town have a quick turnaround before hosting York City on Tuesday, and Millington is hoping for a drastic improvement from the performance.

“We’ve got to put it right,” Millington said. “The beauty of these short turnarounds is that you don’t have long to dwell on your failings. You’ve just got to put them right and put them right quickly. I’ve been looking to evolve the starting 11 into a team that reflects the type of team that we want it to be. Over the last few weeks with injuries and illnesses, that’s presented a few issues for us. But now, we’re in a position where we don’t have time to start evolving things. We just have to put out the 11 lads who are hungriest to go and get a point or three for the Shaymen.”

Watch the full interview on Shaymen TV.

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