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Posted on Sat 1 Sep 2018
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FC Halifax Town Community Sports run an exciting school sports programme which aims to deliver football coaching in a fun, motivational and inclusive manner, catering for children of all abilities.  We aim to inspire children to learn and reach their potential through sport.  Our sessions can be tailored to boys and girls of all levels of ability aged 5-16 years.  Our programme is different incorporating Futsal alongside traditional coaching methods.

To attain high standards in our delivery we have recruited a small team of carefully selected, qualified and DBS checked coaches who are trained to deliver our bespoke programme.  We are professional in our approach, our programme adheres to a range of policy and procedure to ensure a standardised, safe and consistent programme.

Our team regularly deliver after school, breakfast and lunch time clubs or curriculum and PPA coaching.  Our syllabus provides the following benefits to schools:

  • Whilst games may play some part in our programme we place the emphasis on individual and small group exercises that engages all children and allows each child to progress at their own speed.
  • The smaller and weighted Futsal ball is easier to control and an excellent confidence builder.
  • Sessions are designed to run alongside the National Curriculum.
  • The programme is fun, exciting and progressive and works for boys and girls of all ages and abilities.
  • The training promotes the development of balance, rhythm, co-ordination, strong movement patterns and concentration skills.
  • The use of music ensures a positive atmosphere that is enjoyed by both boys and girls.

This is what Ben Walker of Copley Primary School said about our sessions: “the feedback they (children) gave me was lovely to hear, how they all enjoyed the sessions and a few of the less sporting children developed an enjoyment for the sport, I have again coached the football this year and I have had more children wanting to play and I know that is from the coaching from FC Halifax Town.  As a Halifax school I do also think its brilliant how they do these school coaching sessions to encourage children to get into sport.”

For more information on how you can get involved call 07572 154 200 or email

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