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Maidenhead United: Fully Deserved The Win

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Sun 6 Oct 2019
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After FC Halifax Town’s 1-0 victory over Maidenhead United on Saturday I had the chance to catch up with returning player Jamie Allen who came on a as substitute after having been side-lined with injury.

Q: Jamie 1-0 away at Maidenhead what are your immediate thoughts on the game?

A: Yeah I think we full deserved the win, from minute 1 I think we were causing them problems going forward. And defensively we were pretty comfortable so yeah think we fully deserved the win.

Q: Its your first game back in the squad how does that feel for you personally?

A:  Its good to be back, it’s good to get back on the pitch, no problems so look to move onto Tuesday.

Q: With your return to thee squad the Team returned back to the top of the table how does that feel?

A: Yeah obviously it’s still early days like I say I’ve not even looked, like I say we are going to take each game as it comes try and get 3 points all season. So yeah we are just gonna keep going.

Q: Being back in the match day squad how is the atmosphere amongst the team?

A: Yeah we are buzzing, we’re on a role the groups all together we’re all in the same page we all want the same thing we all want the same outcome. We are all together and the atmosphere is buzzing.

Q: Finally now your back in the team what are your goals for yourself and the squad?

A: Obviously I want to be back in the starting 11 but obviously the teams on fire, but come Tuesday I’m gonna fight for my place in the team. But as long as the team are getting 3 points it doesn’t matter.

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