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Hartlepool United: It Is Difficult At The Minute

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Wed 22 Nov 2017
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FC Halifax Town manager Billy Heath spoke to ShaymenTV following the Hartlepool result on Tuesday evening.

Heath spoke about his sides disappointment of the result and the difficulty of coming up against sides such as Hartlepool United.

“We are disappointed, we are patching up sides at the minute, it is just difficult at the minute.” Heath said.

“We are getting caught out against good teams which have far too much for us at the minute.” He added.

The manager reiterated his sides resilience to not give up throughout the game and put it down to there being bigger fish in the pond, which Halifax have struggled against in recent games.

“The players are doing as well and working as hard as they can, but we aren’t getting anywhere because clubs are better than us.” Heath said.

Recent games have left the Shaymen chasing the game and it was the same tonight with two goals conceded inside the first ten minutes of the match.

The manager spoke about the lack of challenge in the middle of the park to get the ball back, leading to the goals.

“Physically tonight, we weren’t big enough or strong enough, all the goals were because we missed challenges in the centre of the pitch.” the manager continued.

The away side did have the ball in the net after Tom Denton headed in at the back post following a deep free kick into Hartlepool’s box, ruled out by the assistant’s flag.

Heath spoke to ShaymenTV about the decision and replays have proved that the manager is right to be frustrated with the decision which is onside.

“Difficult from where I am, maybe I am wrong or maybe am wrong, I think tomorrow morning that will be onside again.”

Billy Heath and his backroom staff were wondering who will be available for the weekend’s game against Eastleigh after Oliver, McManus, and Middleton all picked up injuries and knocks.

“The injuries are piling up and we need to get people into the football club. We have got numerous targets and have had for weeks.” Heath said.

The manager continued to talk about squad depth and indeed what he can do in the transfer market before Saturday.

“Connor Oliver looks doubtful already, Brown is back but Garner is suspended.

“We need reinforcements, we were down to bare seventeen tonight. “

The gaffer spoke about players playing when strictly they should not have been and talking about what a club of this size must do to survive in the busy schedule.

“We are patching people up and putting them out there. I cannot say the effort is not there. But at times against this Hartlepool side, they have experienced players and we have a lot of players who have not experienced this before.”

Heath again spoke about the team being part time and how it affects the whole team and staff, training just twice a week.

“We are a part time team in a full-time league, there is only two or three of us now left for Tuesdays and Thursdays.” He said.

“We will try and train on Thursday, we will see how many bodies we have got. We will need to be careful should we train on what we do.” he added.

Not the result Billy Heath would have been wanting tonight, you can see his full interview on ShaymenTV, as part of the exclusive FC Halifax Town content that we have brought you this season.

Look out for the manager’s thoughts ahead of Eastleigh which will be available to you towards the end of the week.


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