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Ebbsfleet United: We Are Disappointed

Posted by Luke Davis
Posted on Sun 25 Nov 2018
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FC Halifax Town were well beaten by Ebbsfleet United 4-0. Jamie Fullarton gave his thoughts following the poor result.

He said: “To say I’m bitterly disappointed is an understatement. I think if you look at the tier of emotional pyramid, you’ve got frustrated, angry, disappointed, and upset. It’s fair to say I’m in the top two tiers.”

Ebbsfleet got their first goal in controversial fashion as Michael pushed the ball past Sam Johnson with his arm. Something Fullarton believes that this was only a small reason why we lost the game.

He said: “When the opposition bench and myself see that it’s clearly been a handball from our angle. Then with the opposition bench saying they felt it was a handball when they have a different agenda, I think the general consensus was it was handball. Maybe that changed the course of the game but ultimately, we lost goals today all from set-pieces, first and second phase, something that we had worked on and made the players aware of and we didn’t deal with today. Hence why we lost the game heavily today.”

With such a poor result, there were poor performances all round and Fullarton believes is down to the high-level performances in the last two games.

He said: “For want of a better phrase, it was a nothing game at 0-0. Our performance and our standards this week were inept. I think it’s maybe one game too many to play the same players three games a week with the efforts that they’ve put in. But we asked them to do it again today and we tried to guard against them not having the energy levels, but today, we’re disappointed.”

Town look forward to playing Wimbledon next Saturday in the FA Cup second round. Fullarton stated that the game is no more important than other league games

“Every game is important, and I don’t want us to detract from the fact that we’ve got to look at today’s performance and make sure if we want to compete against a league one team next week, that we have to do the basic’s better. We have to defend set-pieces, first and second phases much better than we did today. Also, in possession we’ve got to play with a little bit more guile, enthusiasm, intensity, and energy.”

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