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Chesterfield: Bitterly Disappointing

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Sun 10 Feb 2019
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FC Halifax Town were defeated 1-0 away at Chesterfield yesterday, Jake Broderick caught up with Scott Quigley for his thoughts.

Jake: So, Scott your thoughts on today’s performance?

Scott: It’s a disappointing one, especially when there in the relegation zone, we wanted at least a draw here. Coming away it’s bitterly disappointing when they didn’t have many opportunities apart from the penalty, I can’t remember, maybe when Sam pulled off one good save but on the flip side, we haven’t really done enough to win the game. I think a draw would’ve been a fair result. I think now we’re obviously with us losing, it’s difficult to swallow at the moment.

Jake: Do you think it was tough to create chances against a strong Chesterfield defence today?

Scott: I’ve played against stronger, played against better, I don’t know it’s obviously not clicking at the moment, since I’ve been here there’s been two goals scored in the whole of the six games and it’s frustrating for me being a striker not getting on the scoresheet when I’ve had good scoring form in the past but like I said it’s a bitter pill to swallow.

Jake: Do you think a week break played a bit of a part in today’s result?

Scott: I don’t know maybe, it’s not something I can comment on really, I think momentum really off a good draw to Salford, to come here we definitely thought we had a better chance and I know the strengthened in January but after they scored we started putting them on the back foot but it was too late and that’s how football goes.

Jake: Can you tell us how big next week’s fixture is against Aldershot?

Scott: I think there all massive now, I don’t know what it is, 15 or something left but there all massive and we’re down in the thick of it, if we don’t start winning, there’s only one way of going. So, I think we need to regroup and have a good training session this week and put things right next week.

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