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Wrexham: It’s Hard To Take

Posted by Lewis Tomlinson
Posted on Wed 14 Aug 2019
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Jerome Binnom-Williams spoke to Lewis Tomlinson following the 1-0 defeat away at Wrexham. He gave his overall thoughts on the game.

“I thought we’ve done well for seventy minutes. I thought we defended well, obviously we switched off for the goal, and then they punished us, so it’s hard to take for all the boys because we defended well. I think we probably just pushed up too much when they went down to ten men and we thought we could overload them, and like I said, as you switch off, you get punished, in any division, the top, down here, League 1, League 2.”

Despite Town having a numerical advantage for the last 25 minutes, Binnom-Williams said there was little difference in the way the game was played.

“It’s really the same as playing against eleven men because they stay back much more and stay compact, and it’s hard to break them down. I thought we were overloading then quite well but we didn’t take our chances. Like I said, it’s just that one time. Any team that goes down to ten men, they wait for the counter, they want for the 2v1, and like they did, they broke well, and they finished, so it’s hard to take.”

Town’s defensive partnership has still only conceded twice in four games, and Jerome said there were positives to take from that despite yesterday’s result.

“It’s really good. Clarkey and Browny and Ducky, they’re all brilliant boys. Obviously, I’m the youngest of the back four, they keep me going, we have a great partnership. No matter what, I’ll try and get them out if they make a mistake and vice versa. We’ve got a really good bond and just keep going and keep working. Obviously today, you can see they punished us with a through ball, but we keep going, we stay positive and obviously we have done well the last four games, so we have to keep going.”

Binnom-Williams also said thoughts in the camp are still good ahead of Saturday’s visit to Aldershot.

“It’s positive. We know we’ve got beat today, but hopefully we can get the same results as it had been the previous three games, so it’s all positive. Obviously, right now it’s hard to take, but we’re just gonna go again, get back into training, get back working and get ready for Aldershot.

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