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Wrexham: Disappointed We Didn’t Win

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Wed 5 Sep 2018
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It was a cagey game from the viewpoint in the stands, what was it like out there on the pitch?

Thought we were quite dominate at the start of the game to be fair bit disappointed we didn’t win it.

Even against the league leaders, a point doesn’t satisfy you as a team?

Yeah it does looking back in hindsight, but I thought the way we dominated, and we were dangerous especially on the counter we deserved to do better with the chances we created.

The goal from the corner was disallowed, what was your viewpoint of the incident?

To be fair I don’t know, I thought it was a goal I don’t know what the referee disallowed it for.

Jamie mentioned that their goalkeeper’s top might have had something to do with it, does it give you a problem when it’s tight in the goalmouth area?

Well the keeper was crowded in there, so I don’t really know what happened with that.

Tonight’s game was a physical one played by both sides does that play to your strengths individually and as a team?

Yeah to be fair individually I thought I was quite dominate in the air so as the game went on I grew in confidence. As a team collectively, I thought we dominated in that aspect and got into some good areas just a shame we couldn’t get the final pass or shot to work the keeper bit better.

Looking ahead to this weekend’s game against Leyton Orient an unbeaten side, what do you expect to face this Saturday?

I’m not sure, I’m not sure how they got on today. From previous times playing them, they’ll be quite physical forwards especially and at the back, so we got to be on our game, but I feel like we’ll give them a game we haven’t lost at home yet, so it’ll be a tough place for them to come as well.

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