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Why The FA Cup Is So Special

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Thu 18 Oct 2018
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It’s getting to that time of year again when the magic of The FA Cup renters our lives and suddenly distant dreams of giant killings and big away days are a swish and a pick of a ball away from becoming a reality.

When you think of The FA Cup you immediately think of the history of the competition, the giant killings that have gone before and maybe just maybe this year could be our team’s year to carve our place into the history books.

And yet with all its history, pride, passion, drama and moments of triumph people are saying The FA Cup is dying. This surely cannot be true, over 700 teams every year from all levels of the football pyramid and walks of life enter the oldest cup competition in the world, this does not suggest that its losing life.
For the smaller teams who enter it is the one you look out for in the football calendar whether it is the first-round proper, the iconic third round or the first qualifying round to start your FA Cup journey, even the draws are watched with as much anticipation as the FA Cup final itself. And you remember who your team is playing, who’ve they’ve played on their cup run, where they’ve played the same cannot be said about the league. I am constantly forgetting and checking who my team have got coming up in the next few games but when that draw is made, I know everything there is to know about that draw.

The atmosphere created in stadiums and the anticipation created in the towns and cities across the country when their local team goes on run or slays a giant is un-parallel to anything else. It gives people who might not follow or like football to get caught up in its emotional roller-coaster and gives them the question how we can beat a Premier League team one week and go and lose to a team 10 places below us in the league, that is the magic of The FA Cup right there.

The Shaymen travel to Warrington Town this Saturday and our 90 minutes away from returning to the first-round proper. Warrington are no strangers to The FA Cup, four years ago their turned heads as they beat Exeter City 1-0 at the time of the match Warrington were four levels below their opposition.

To sum up nothing compares to the beauty of straight knock out football and the romance of anyone can play anyone provided in The FA Cup gives it the edge you can’t find anywhere else in the world you just can’t argue that it isn’t special.

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