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Wealdstone: Traveller’s Tales

Posted by Rob Brown
Posted on Sun 28 Jan 2024
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Electronic football tickets are great, especially when you can get a discount by buying in advance. Within moments of pressing the ‘pay’ button, you get an email with a fancy-dancy QR code and you feel on top of the world. Just image the fun, when, after paying on Friday lunch time, the email doesn’t arrive after the usual couple of minutes wait. There’s any easy solution though, you just check the ‘junk’ folder, then go back on the app that you used to purchase the tickets and download them there. But hang on, what if you’ve accidently closed that app, what do you do then?

The ‘contact us’ button, generates an email where you must respond with everything you can remember about the purchase, you then press send and wait, and wait, and wait with an increasing level of anxiety will they and tension.  Will they respond before they all go home for the weekend? How can I prove I really have purchased tickets?  Will I need to take the bank manager to the ground to verify my purchase?  In the end, two hours and twelve minutes later, a response, all sorted, panic over. I’d typed in my email address incorrectly. We’re back on top of the world again.

I did not share my tale of ticket woe with the usual suspects on the way down. They have a track record of deliberately misconstruing information before passing it on with an unfortunate spin, usually at my expense. Instead, we discussed the creditable midweek draw over a decent breakfast at our favourite Northamptonshire posh restaurant. In was extra low calorie if anyone asks.

Wealdstone have been at their current Grosvenor Vale ground since 2008 after Ruislip Manor football club folded and it has real character. There are lots of different size stands, some seated some terraced, with pathways, steps, and a decent slope. It even houses a listed building in one corner, a second world war gun turret. They’ve announced plans to relocate to a new ground in the future.  Back in 2004, they had started to construct their own stadium but that fell through with the ground only about one third complete. That location was taken over by another local club and is now the home of Barnet FC at the Hive, the Masonry Bees.

Town kicked off attacking the end that was populated with around 120 vocal travelling Shaymen.  Wealdstone opened the scoring at the far end after a prolonged spell of possession in and around our penalty box; each time it was cleared, the home team retuned it into the mix. Eventually they put it away. Town responded with a few half chances at our end, but the keeper wasn’t particularly troubled throughout the half.

With the sun setting at the far end, Town started the second half with more possession than in the first, as Wealdstone looked to preserve their lead. There were again few chances for either side, and the home team looked comfortable and happy to play the game out. In the closing moments, Wealdstone made it two-nil and wrapped up a comfortable home win. It was well-deserved to be honest.

Driving back and we were all quiet, only the comical snoring from the back seat interrupted the long periods of silence. Once we spotted the first signs of Yorkshire ahead the mood picked up. It had been a difficult day at the office, but we had been given a warm welcome at Wealdstone. They are a friendly club, football has its ups and downs, today was just one of those not so good days.

Next up, and we’re off down south to the wonderful Dorking, we perhaps owe them one.

C’mon Shaymen!

Miles on the road 4540, Goals on the road 17

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