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Trio Win Volunteer Awards

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Mon 13 Mar 2023
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Every club has got them, those under-the-radar heroes who love nothing better than making a difference at their second home – their beloved football club.

Thanks to our generous title sponsors, we have been able to properly recognise the great at the good of the game for the last five years.

Giving deserved kudos to those who give up their time just for the love of their club, we’re thrilled to be able to bring their stories to life.

It’s not been an easy few years for anyone at Scunthorpe United, but the love for the club remains as strong as it was when they were EFL high fliers.

Baz Clark has seen the good times and the not so good times but whatever the results, he’ll be back within days doing his bit.

When retirement rolled around, he wanted to put the hours he used to spend at work to good use – and there was only one place he wanted to do it.

Scunny tell us he’s a stalwart at the football club and has spent the majority of his time at Glanford Park for a few years.

Volunteering three or four days a week, he can be seen around the stadium carrying out general repairs, painting, putting up advertising boards and much more to help maintain various areas of the ground.

Turning his hand to anything – he’s a huge supporter on game days as well as once the players have gone home.

It may not have been a season for Dulwich Hamlet to remember, but those off the pitch continue to do all they can to keep the ship steady.

On it, it has been one of the most tempestuous campaigns for a while with three managers.

Keeping fans in the loop sometimes isn’t easy, especially when someone as popular as Gavin Rose leaves his post.

Ryan Matthews will have felt fans’ pain in his role as the voice of DHFCTV and as a key part of the club’s social media team.

Working as the club’s main commentator for the last 18 months as well as running and growing the club’s Instagram account, he helps promote the Hamlet and keep their brilliant crowds high.

We’re told he goes above and beyond his role by helping in the boardroom, providing drinks for visiting officials, assisting travelling media with their requests and making sure the press area is in a great condition.

Every club needs a pair of strong hands and Alfreton Town are no different.

Paddy Buckley lends his to the Reds all the time – and he keeps the Impact Arena spick and span.

He heads up all the improvement works at the ground, providing constant service and commitment to Alfreton to enable them to deliver a safe matchday experience.

As well as his role as their maintenance worker, he is also a steward on matchdays.

The club says he has been a volunteer for over two decades and they are desperate to give him some kind of added recognition.

Well done to our three worthy winners!

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