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Torquay United: Supporters Club

Posted by Halifax Town Supporters Club
Posted on Sat 2 Nov 2019
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Good afternoon, and welcome to you all. First and foremost, thanks to those of you who heeded the call to sponsor a square in our “Play the Squares” programme feature.  While we haven’t quite filled it yet, we are at last approaching capacity. There is still chance for you to participate, so if you need a prod, just speak to the bucket collectors inside the turnstiles at the East and South Stands.

Five intrepid teams contested the Supporters Club annual football quiz night at the Flying Dutchman on Thursday evening. The event was a success, especially for the Neatby family, as Chris’s team won first prize. Dave Crossley did a great job of setting the questions, many of which were re-quizzed to me on our train to Bromley on Saturday. Thanks go to John Chew for allowing us to use his hostelry, supplying food and donating profits from the bar to our cause. Similar thanks go to the winning team for donating their prize back to the Supporters Club.

Just a quick reminder that the Supporters Club are assisting with the Club’s 40th anniversary celebration of our FA Cup victory over Manchester City on Saturday January 18th. A video showing extensive highlights of the game will be shown, which should enable those of us who attended that day to relive the moment, as it were. I was privileged to participate in the Radio Leeds 20th anniversary programme, and I relish the chance to meet many of the players who performed so well on that memorable day. Full details of the event can be found on the FCHT website.

Now here’s a further extract from the “Halifax Town AFC Official History 1892 to 1922/3” handbook. It’s from the section set in 1923 describing the writer’s thoughts regarding potential ground improvements, appropriately headed “The Shay”;

The Shay, the ground which was acquired by Halifax Town on their admission to the Third Division, is leased from the Halifax Corporation at an annual rental. Although in its first season it was seen somewhat in the rough, its possibilities were enthusiastically discussed by the leading authorities of the football world, and it is an undoubted fact that it could be made into the finest playing area, surrounded by the largest amount of accommodation space to be found in the country. The Supporters’ Committee take a great pride in the Shay, as it was largely due to their united and voluntary efforts that a football enclosure grew out of a mud heap.

More of this visionary explanation next time, of course.

See you soon,       Kit.

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