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The Man With The Drum

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Thu 25 Jul 2019
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“I can’t recall the opposition, but it was a very cold night in the South Stand in the West Riding County Cup.  There were around 200 at the game, freezing was an understatement.”
What’s been your best memory supporting the club?
“Our win at Wembley as most Town fans would agree, I probably wouldn’t be a town fan in the eyes of some if I didn’t go with that memory! We all had a fantastic day from what I can remember of it.”
How long have you been the Halifax drummer for?
“There are 4/5 different people along with myself who use the drum, myself probably on and off for 3/4 seasons now.”
How did you become a Halifax Town drummer?
“Generally just being at games, I always used to love being at the top of the stand where the atmosphere was from a young lad!
“As I got older, we started bringing large pole flags etc and I noticed the drum wasn’t getting used as much as it was broken.  We had a Town fan who kindly donated us 2 drums to use at games which are the same ones used today!”
“We then split whoever plays it between each game and the drum is kept at the Shay after a game.”
What are you looking forward to next season?
“There are several things I am looking forward to, particularly any new signings before the season
“I think the club has done a fantastic job commercially with season ticket promotions etc.”
Brilliant, any other comments you’d like to make regarding next season?
“I am part of the South Stand Supporters’ Group which work closely with both the club and our official Supporters’ Club to see what else we can do for the upcoming season.  It will be great to see some new faces down at the Shay!”

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