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Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Wed 17 Jul 2019
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Some of you might recognise the name, we talked to long term Halifax Town fan and the person who knows everything FC Halifax Town, ‘Shayman Stats.’

Let’s start with how you became a Halifax fan, can you tell us a little about it?

“From birth!  My father was a Town fan (his dad took him).”

What’s your first memories supporting the club? 

“My first memory was being sat on the wall roughly 3/4 years old at the front of the Skircoat Stand.  A family friends’ daughter Joanne pointed out to me Chris Lucketti.”

What’s been your best memory supporting the Shaymen? 

“My best memory was on the 13th April 1998.  When Dave Hanson made it 4-3 against Southport in front of the new South Stand, at that moment I knew the Town were going up!”

When did you get involved with finding out statistics on the club?

“I got involved in the 2009/10 season when I kept a fixture list on a database to look back on results for my own amusement.

“From there it grew simply from ‘why don’t I record goal scorers now, how about a spreadsheet on appearances’ and its evolved and evolved again from there!”

What’s your favourite statistic?

“My favourite stat is everyone contained in Halifax Town: A Complete History by club historian, Johnny Meynell.”

What are you looking forward to for the 19/20 season?

“I love our new home shirt! So, I’m excited about getting that, and I’m looking forward to seeing the young players settle in – new signing Earing is looking good already!”

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