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Season Ticket Options 20/21

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Wed 7 Oct 2020
Posted in First Team

Well, it was nice to start the season with a home win. It is a very tough opening month both in terms of opposition and the number of games in a short time with Tuesday/Saturday repetition. It was so disappointingly quiet without our fans, but we know you were with us either through streaming or in spirit.

As promised in our last update the following announcement outlines the options for our season ticket holders for the 20/21 campaign.

Firstly we’d like to thank everyone who purchased a season ticket(s). We know that this was a huge financial commitment from you all, especially given the uncertainty that the world of football is facing.  You were possibly dealing with some of your own personal difficulties as well so we’re truly grateful for your on-going support.  The volatile landscape continues unfortunately and we’re terribly frustrated by the situation we find ourselves in, just as you are.

As you know we have made a substantial investment in our streaming equipment and infrastructure to be able to provide an interim solution through the live streaming of the games.  Yes, there were a few initial teething problems on Saturday, but we’re working flat out with our providers on developing our own platform and the team at Pixellot are working hard behind the scenes on improving the technical aspects of the cameras in our ground.

We really do need your support. Whatever third party funding is available to us going forward it will not cover the financial hole we find ourselves with. Just as an example we have already had to bring in two more players at short notice to cover injuries and send one player for consultation, scans and subsequent treatment before kicking a ball. Of course, all part of football life but certainly not what we needed at this uncertain time. We are trying to put on the field, a team with a chance of emulating our success last season with hopefully a chance of improving on the outcome. Yes, the financial background has made that task more difficult but we have tried to support the manager with as realistic budget as possible.

With this in mind we ask you to read carefully your options as a Season Ticket holder for the rest of the 20/21 campaign.

  • We sincerely request that you remain a season ticket holder for the 20/21 campaign. We have your season ticket books ready and will announce collection times in due course. This includes the season ticket category you ordered plus any U12 ticket(s). Any third party funding for the football industry is likely to cover three months only and that’s due to the possibility that we may have entry to Stadia on a limited basis at the end of that time or sometime soon thereafter. We can all hope! For the duration of the time entry to the Shay Stadium is not possible, you’ll receive a live match day streaming code free for every home League game. By retaining your season ticket, your seat(s) in the East Stand or your place(s) in the South Stand in the South Stand are guaranteed on the return of access to the Shay Stadium in line with the Covid-19 SAG2 capacity of 1367 (or less if advised by Government). If we don’t return to the Shay before the end of season and you’ve had to stream all our home League matches, you’ll be offered a 2020-21 season ticket refund of £100, payable within 14 days of completion of the last home game of the season. We will also guarantee that you can buy a season ticket for the 2021-2022 season at the same price as 2020-2021.
  • You can defer your season ticket until the 21/22 campaign without a refund, allowing us the cash flow during this season. This option means to see the games live; you will have to purchase a stream on a match by match basis for the rest of this season. We can’t guarantee entry to the ground when fans are allowed back in during the 2020/21 season, we would however contact you as second priority entry to home games in that instance.
  • You can remain as a season ticket holder (as per first bullet point) for the first ten home League games which takes us into January, if we don’t return to the stadium by the 11th home game (Bromley 23.01.21), then you can if you wish request a 50% refund. This would mean you’d have to pay for any streaming on a match by match basis from then onwards and you wouldn’t be guaranteed entry if fans were allowed back into stadia after that date and before the end of the season.
  • Finally, we will offer a full refund, but we would ask if at all possible for this to be a last resort, as we need your help. So that we can get a number of procedures in place, please make any refund request by no later than Friday 16th October via .
  • If we don’t hear from you by Friday 16th October then you will revert to bullet point one until we get to ten games, we’ll then communicate with you again. Hopefully we’ll be back watching live football by then!
  • To be clear you only have to contact us if you don’t want to take the first option

We’re not going to pretend that streaming is the same as watching a live football match, we’re trying to bring you the best alternative option to watch the mighty ‘Shaymen’, whilst steering the Football Club through these unprecedented times and severe financial turbulence! For those of you who may be new to streaming or don’t understand the technology, we will offer clinics to help support you.

Thank you for your continued loyalty and support and we look forward to opening the turnstiles again, in the not too distant future.

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