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Maher: All About Hard Work

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Fri 22 Jun 2018
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Today, we caught up with versatile player Niall Maher to ask him his thoughts for the official website on pre-season and the build-up to the new campaign.

How has your off-season been so far?

“Well, I’ve just been looking after myself and obviously I know what I’m coming into having done a pre-season with the manager before, so I’ve got an upper hand on that stage. I’ve been keeping myself fit, sacrificing a lot, I’ve not gone away this year to have a good pre- season in front of me.

Are you looking forward to pre-season?

“Well no one can really say they’re looking forward to pre-season, we all know it’s about hard work. Obviously, it’s about getting back into the swing of things and down to hard work again. I’m looking forward to that and obviously getting the season underway.”

You’ve worked with Jamie Before, is he any different to how he was at Bolton?

“No. not at all really, I know that he’s a manager that demands a lot from you and wants hard work, but he puts in as much effort as we do, if not more. We’re there to repay him, he does one half of the job and we’ve got to do the other half.  What he does behind the scenes with all the hard work, he gives all that information to us which stands us in good stead for a Saturday or a midweek game”

How important do you think pre-season games are in terms of preparation for the new season?

“Pre-season this year is a massive one. We’re going to have a new squad so it’s about all the new boys coming in, having not worked with the manager before, to understand what he wants and what he wants the players to give to Halifax. We’re going to all start learning together, finding what are strengths and weakness are and what we can help each other improve on.”

Vanarama National League fixtures are released on July the 4th, who would you like to face in the first match?

“I’d like to see a little local one. I’d like to see Salford probably. They’ve spent big money this summer and we’ll welcome them to the nation league, to show them what it’s all about.”


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