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Nuneaton: Travellers Tales

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Sun 6 Apr 2014
Posted in First Team
Three empty seats in the car and everyone’s got an excuse, “I’m working”, “It was my birthday yesterday and I’ve got a hangover”, “I’ve got to clear the clubhouse ready for the cricket season and won’t be ready in time”, “I’ve been to all the Wetherspoon’s in Nuneaton and there’s nothing else to see” and even “They’ve changed the clocks and nobody told me, it’s a conspiracy, what time will you be setting off?”  Just me and Megaphone man then, was it something we said, or just the prospect of Nuneaton away?
To be fair to Nuneaton, it’s the cheapest admission price in the league (only £12 for an adult), it’s a decent view and you can park very close to the ground free of charge. Being my third visit in just over two years, today’s quest was to find a decent chippy and avoid the less than exciting tea hut.  In the end, after a six mile, 20 minute detour via the town centre and back streets we’re back, sitting on the terrace with cold pie, cold chips and dodgy gravy.  Not a single take away anywhere.
It’s safe to say that today was either going to be one of the worst days of the season or one of the best. The general consensus of pre-match conversation on the terraces before the game was that it was today or never.  185 travelling Shaymen made the trip including the dedicated Brighton Shayman who had made plans to hitch a lift back to the railway station with the local constabulary. Let’s just hope it’s not one of those policemen with the famous Nuneaton dogs in his car!  Credit to them if they keep their promise though.
Today we were joined by the enthusiastic Kettering Shayman making the short trip from home. Also joining us was the Snorkeler who was treating his good lady to an exciting weekend away. It beats watching that mid-table premier league team from Manchester on the telly! Hope she comes again.
It’s hard to describe the tension of terraces throughout the game, both sides hit the bar in a goalless first half and great travelling vocal support; I’ve still got the Beach Boys Sloop John B going round in my head!  A late winner at our end of the ground and we’re all having a party, tension, what tension? At least we avoided Helli who was hugging and kissing everyone he could find at the final whistle, I guess his enthusiasm sums up what it all means to us all.
With Tommy Degnan again at full volume in the slow moving traffic, we headed back up North, what a great place Nuneaton really is.
Next stop Barnet and The Hive, the car is already full, it’s going to be fun all the way, anything is possible, c’mon Shaymen!

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