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Notts County: It Was A Scrappy Game

Posted by Luke Davis
Posted on Sun 15 Sep 2019
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FC Halifax Town fell to a 1-0 defat away to Notts County. Following the game Pete Wild spoke to Shaymen TV to give his thoughts on the game, the scrappy nature, new signing Charlie Cooper, and Barnet next Saturday.

Thoughts on the game…

He said: “First half I thought it was an even contest. Both teams had the run of the game. Coming in at half time and I thought it was a fair result. Second half, we were talking about needing more of the same. They get a red after three minutes, you think right let’s get on them. You work all week on not getting beaten. We’re having 3 vs 2 on the touchline and we let him out. There’s a shot at goal, great save and they score the rebound. All mine and Chris’ work on being tough to beat, and you get done off one shot. They’ve had one shot in the game, and that’s won them the match. They’re down to 10 men, we’ve got 11 and we don’t test the goalkeeper once. Really frustrated that we didn’t take the ascendancy when they went down to 10 men.”

The scrappiness of the game…

He said: “The second half was just a non-entity really. It’s tit-for-tat. There are yellow cards being picked up. A scrappy second half. It’s not one that the 646 wanted to come and watch. I do apologise because my team should be better than that. Especially when they are down to 10 men.”

On Charlie Cooper…

He said: “I brought Charlie in because he’s a good footballer. We need someone who can get on the ball and link play. I thought he did that. But it is very difficult when people ahead of you don’t move to get on the ball. One of Charlie’s best traits is that he can break lines and he can pass into people. But when there is nobody to pass to, it’s very difficult.”

Looking ahead to Barnet…

He said: “It’s another tough test. They’re another strong athletic team. We’re going to have to be ready. We have to get back on the training and work hard all week. Today can’t be the norm. Something’s got to change, and I’ll make sure I do that. I’ll make sure, come next Saturday, we get a reaction.”

Watch the full interview on Shaymen TV.

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