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New Academy Structure

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Tue 8 Jun 2021
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The Shaymen have announced new plans for their academy.

FC Halifax Town are committed to producing the next generation of players through it’s Community and Academy programmes and plans are in place to revise the Shaymen’s academy structure during the 2021/22 season.

The current pandemic has delayed the progression of the club’s academy structure which currently has squads operating in the under 11, under 12 and under 13 age groups.  The squads train twice-a-week and play regular fixtures.

The restructure will have a specific emphasis on delivering a competitive and organised games programme, whilst increasing the range of age groups.  Ultimately the academy programme aims to cater for players from the under 9’s through to under 16’s and offer a direct pathway into the full-time youth team programme (under 18’s).

In the coming weeks we hope to announce trial dates for the 2021/22 season – trials will take place throughout July.

The under 16’s alongside the under 14’s will also be taking part in the Junior Premier League.  Fixtures will be played on a Saturday morning.  The programme will work alongside grassroots teams and representative school sides to ensure talented players can continue to play for their local teams.

Head of Youth, Junior and Community Football Development, Steve Nichol said: “We have an established full-time scholarship operating for players in the 16-18 age groups.  We now wish to focus on the foundation we have in place in our younger age groups and accelerate the development of this model across a wider range of age groups.

“We see the integration of a competitive fixture programme as an essential step to progress but it is important to recognise the that this will be supported by twice-weekly training sessions and a structured coaching programme providing a long term commitment to player development.

“If the changes are successful over the coming year, we plan to involve the under 13-16’s in the Junior Premier League programme for the 2022/23 season.

“Whilst we are keen to create a pathway where local and talented players can progress we also recognise the importance of sport in the lives of young people.  The Academy aims to establish a culture facilitating young players to become the best they can be, encourage players to believe they can push the boundaries of their development and help players to understand the need for purposeful practice.  We hope this will encourage young people to develop into well rounded individuals who set high standards for themselves and understand the importance of showing compassion and humility to others.”

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