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Man City: Report

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Posted on Fri 26 Oct 2018
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After last weekend’s performance Afc Halifax had to go out and prove a point. Results haven’t been good this season for the tangerine boys. With main men Luders and Probets back the team was a lot stronger and this proved to be key during the game with Luders winning man of match and Probets head becoming a magnet to the ball. The first ten minutes you could see that Halifax were up for this with tackles flying in from Andy and Gregg who was solid all game in front of the back 4, we have not beaten this side in years in-fact the opponents Manchester City haven’t lost a game in a long time, so we were up against it. We quickly went 3-0 up as we were pressing the ball and not letting them play. A stoppage happened as captain Ramsden decided to get ready for tonight’s X factor by belting a great tune out mid-way through the first half – this leading him to go off the field to learn his lines. Stan the man was his replacement and had a brilliant game for someone so young (some say he’s better than his dad already)

HT 3-0. Andy, Luke, Thommo

Manager Barker was so impressed with this first half performance the praise was flowing. We knew we had a battle this second half as City are the best team in the league and had made some attacking changes. All the back 4 were solid. Miles has found a new position now wasn’t letting the ginger whizz kid of theirs passed him and for once kept his mouth shut. Midfield was strong and battled well as City attacked and battered the Halifax door down and managed to get 1 goal back. With yet again some great defence we managed to keep them at bay and keep them down to having long distant shots. Halifax got lucky as the ball hit the woodwork numerous times with Harry sporting a black eye from his gf the previous night commanded his box and pulled of some great saves. Halifax kept the door shut and with players out on their feet after chasing shadows and having 1% possession the whole second half they deserved this hard-fought win for their effort, dedication and desire shown to not lose no matter what. Can’t single any player out as from 1-11 the players were outstanding and give 110%. What AFC Halifax is all about.


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