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Hartlepool United: We Had To Adapt

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Sun 23 Sep 2018
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FC Halifax Town were defeated 2-1 at home to Hartlepool United on Saturday. We caught up with goalscorer Jacob Hanson for his reaction

In an end to end first half what was the feeling at half time?

Thought we could’ve done better we were in the game, we had the better of the chances, so we thought he could go away and get the result.

They had a couple of early chances were you nervous at any point?

They had a couple of chances and attacking us quite a bit, but we got into the game was quite even at the end of the first half.

Jamie was confident of you as a team scoring early and pushing a head in the second half?

Yeah, he always gives us pointers however we play for the second half like just be that little bit better and we can get it.

Obviously, a difficult match controversially the penalty was given, what was your viewpoint of it?

From what I’ve seen, he’s gone down for the header and Browny has tried to be stepping over him to get over him and he was just in the way he never stamped on his head he just caught him.

Was it the linesman that gave it because the referee let play go on?

Yeah, because I thought the referee was playing on then players just shouted at him and the linesman waived him over.

Going down to 10 is something you train for and understand as a team where everyone should be. When Matty Kosylo was sent off what was the and going down to nine men, what’s the team’s perspective when you have gone down to nine men?

Yeah well you never expect to go down to that many players, so we don’t really practise anything like that, so we just had to adapt as we went along.

Do you believe the referee stopped you from playing your natural game today? There was a lot of stop start and potential for him being favourable towards Hartlepool in the challenges?

Yeah, he gave a few soft challenges, but there’s nothing you can do for that to be honest.

Congratulations on your goal today, close to the end once you got that goal did you feel they were on the back foot and you got snatch something?

Yeah after our goal I thought they started panicking a little bit and maybe we could’ve got back in unfortunately it was just too little too late.


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