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Eastleigh: I’ve Got To Wait For My Chance

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Sun 9 Jan 2022
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FC Halifax Town forward Jamie Allen returned from an injury to come on as a second-half substitute and score a goal in Town’s 4-0 victory over Eastleigh.

So far, Allen has had three seasons with Halifax which has made him a familiar face around the Shay, however, he is somewhat unfamiliar to Shaymen TV. The forward’s appearances in front of the camera haven’t come that often, so whilst Jamie spoke to the Town audience, he gave a quick catch-up on his three years as a Halifax player before delving into any post-match talk.

“As a team, we’ve done really well this season,” Allen began by saying in his strong Preston accent. “Also, for the three seasons that I’ve been here, we’ve done well. I’d say the past two seasons in particular we’ve shown that we’re a really good side, and we’re only getting better. Then for me personally, you say I’ve been here for three years, and it doesn’t feel like three years. This season has been difficult for me, because I’ve come back from an injury, and I’d have liked to have started more games, but the team is doing well so I’ve just got to wait for my chance.”

Jamie then turned into post-match chatter and gave his thoughts on returning from that injury, “I was out for six or seven weeks, and at first I only thought it was going to be a couple of weeks,” he explained to Shaymen TV. “It’s been difficult with a lot of gym sessions, but it does feel good to be back out there and helping the team.”

The latter part of Allen’s quote couldn’t have been any truer, as the Montserrat international certainly did aid to his teammates when he scored the third goal of the match. After a free-kick into the box was headed down, it was the forward who was on hand to hit a shot past Joe McDonnell.

Jamie spoke upon finding the back of the net, “I tried to anticipate where it was going to drop,” Allen stated. “When I got to it first, I just made sure to put my foot through it, and luckily it went in. I’m hoping I can get a few more goals for the team now.”

As mentioned, Allen is one of the longest-serving players in the current Halifax squad, and in all competitions (including the West Riding County Cup) Jamie has played 88 games for the Shaymen. Therefore, he’s coming close to the 100 mark and ended his piece to Shaymen TV by explaining what it would mean to achieve that accolade.

“Wow, I didn’t actually know I was that close, to be honest,” Allen said whilst looking shocked. “To play 100 games for a club is very good, and I’ll be proud to do that but once I get there, it’ll be a case of here’s to plenty more.”

Watch the full interview on Shaymen TV.

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