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Dagenham & Redbridge: Match Report

Posted by AlfieIngram
Posted on Sat 22 Oct 2022
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FC Halifax Town took on eleventh place Dagenham & Redbridge at home. Dagenham were coming off the back of a big 7-0 win away at Beckenham Town in the FA Cup qualifying rounds, whilst Town were coming off a 3-0 win away over St Ives Town in the same competition.

Dagenham started quickly winning a corner two minutes in, Myles Western’s ball was easily cleared by Town.

Kian Spence had Town’s first shot on target, being found wide open in the box, however his shot was straight at the keeper. Moments later, Jack Senior played a good pass inside the box, nearly finding Kian Spence again who couldn’t quite put it home.

Summerfield found Jordan Slew with a great pass to the left side just outside the box, with Town winning a corner shortly after. Summerfield played a short pass for his corner, with Festus Arthur managing to find a cross but not finding any town players.

11 minutes in, Dagenham won their second corner through Walker, with Myles Weston’s cross being cleared out for a throw. Soon after Josh Walker found Myles Weston on the counter for Dagenham, leading to a bizarre moment with Dagenham hitting the post, then hitting a Town defender, deflecting and hitting Mccallum in the head, leading to him going down in the box and getting stretchered off in the 16th minute, being replaced by their top scorer Junior Morais.

Jamie Cooke went on a great run from near the touchline on the right side of the box, getting past the Dagenham defence and into the 6 yard area of the box, however his shot was straight in the arms of Elliot Justham

Dagenham made their second substitution after Sam Ling went down injured in Dagenham’s half, being replaced by Yoan Zouma.

On the edge of the box in the 35th, Dagenham tried to play a cross, but it was skied out of play. Soon after Dagenham found themselves in the box once again, but the ball was won back well by Tylor Golden.

Mani Dieseruvwe got a yellow card in the 37th minute for a late challenge on Phipps, leaving Dagenham manager Daryl McMahon frustrated on the sideline.

In the 40th minute Dagenham top-scorer Junior Morais was found just outside of the right-hand side of the box, however his cross was blocked well by Debrah.

Town won a corner 42 mins in but it was cleared by Dagenham.

On the counter for Dagenham, Josh Walker was found on the left side of the box, however it was a poor cross attempt, hit out of play. Moments later Junior Morais was nearly found in the box but the ball was just ahead of him so recovered easily by Johnson.

Kian Spence was found in the box for town in the 45th minute, attempting to cut in on his left foot however it was blocked by Dagenham. The ball came back to Spence for a shot on the left side of the box but was deflected for a corner. The referee then blew his whistle for 5 minutes of injury time.

The Town corner was headed away by Dagenham, who then went on the counter briefly, but the ball was won back by Town. Jordan Slew was found and tried to play in a cross soon after but it was hit wide.

Just before half time, Junior Morais went down just outside of the box for Dagenham, winning a free kick to the joy of the 76 traveling Dagenham fans. Morais attempted a left footed shot, but it was curled wide, with the referee blowing the whistle to end the second half soon after.

Just after the start of the second half, Yoan Zouma was given a yellow card for a late challenge on Jamie Cooke.

Mo Sagaf nearly found a cross that nearly found Walker, however it went out for a throw in.

Myles Weston managed to get in the box, hitting a left footed shot that wasn’t great but nearly beat the keeper, being saved by the legs of Johnson.

Town were on the counter, with some good play from Jordan Slew and Jamie Cooke, but Cooke took just a bit too long controlling the ball and it was won back by Dagenham.

In the 58th minute, Halifax had a great chance, with Kian Spence having a good shot that bounced out to Dieseruvwe, with him nearly finding the net but his shot being blocked on the line.

A minute later, Town made their first substitution with Jordan Slew being replaced by Millenic Alli.

As the clock hit the hour mark, Halifax broke the deadlock with a great finish as Dieseruvwe was found in the box for a diving header after a cross from Jamie Cooke, scoring his fifth goal of the season.

In the 67th minute, Dagenham made their third and final substitution as Tyreke Johnson replaced Yoan Zouma. A minute later, Milli Alli had a good chance inside the box, however his cross was cleared by Dagenham.

Jamie Cooke went on a good run in the 71st minute from about 35 yards out, managing to find his way to just inside the Dagenham box, hitting a right footed shot with power, however it was caught by Dagenham keeper Justham.

Halifax won their fourth corner in 72nd minute, taken by Luke Summerfield, but being cleared out for another corner, with Summerfield’s second corner reaching Arthur who had a good effort that was saved, bouncing out to Alli who tried to tap it in but hit the post, being cleared and going out for another Town corner. This corner didn’t come to anything however.

In the 75th minute Kian Spence received a yellow card for a foul on the edge of the box, winning Dagenham a free kick. The free kick reached a Dagenham head but was caught well by Sam Johnson. A minute later Alli received the ball in the box and went down, however the referee waved it off as no penalty despite a cry from the Town fans.

Town made their second substitution in the 81st minute with Dieseruvwe being replaced by Rob Harker, receiving a cheer from the Town fans after a solid game.

Summerfield had a free kick a few minutes later, finding Festus Arthur in the box for a high arching header that was caught by Justham for another Town chance.

Dagenham had their third corner in the 87th minute, with the corner being cleared out as far as Dagenham captain Matt Robinson, who tried to cross in a ball from the right side just outside the box but crossed it out of play.

The referee signalled for 4 minutes of injury time.

Town managed to find the net again in the 91st minute, after Luke Summerfield’s corner was cleared but won back by town, with Jack Senior being played in on the left side of the box, managing to fake past the defender to cut in on his left, driving in a great cross directly to the head of Jesse Debrah, for his first goal of the season, securing Halifax the home win in front of the 1628 fans in attendance. This win takes the Shaymen up to 17th in the league.

FC Halifax Town: 1 Sam Johnson, 2 Tylor Golden, 5 Jesse Debrah, 22 Festus Arthur, 3 Jack Senior ©, 14 Jack Hunter, 4 Luke Summerfield, 8 Kian Spence, 9 Mani Dieseruvwe (17 Rob Harker 81), 25 Jordan Slew (21 Millenic Alli 59), 19 Jamie Cooke

Subs: 15 Tom Clarke, 18 Angelo Cappello, 20 Harvey Gilmour

Dagenham: 1 Elliott Justham, 2 Josh Hare, 4 Dean Rance, 5 Emmanuel Onariase, 7 Josh Walker, 8 Mohammed Sagaf, 9 Paul McCallum (24 Junior Morais 16), 11 Myles Weston, 12 Matt Robinson ©, 16 Harry Phipps, 19 Sam Ling (17 Yoan Zouma 28 22 Tyreke Johnson 67))

Subs; 6 Omar Mussa, 34 Frankie Franz

Referee: Steven Copeland

Goals: Dieseruvwe 60, Debrah 90

Yellow Cards: Dierseruvwe 37, Zouma 47, Spence 75, Arthur 90

Red Cards: None

Attendance: 1628 (76 away)

FC Halifax Town 2 Dagenham & Redbridge 0

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