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Chester FC: Supporters Club

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Sat 23 Dec 2017
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Good afternoon, and welcome to you all. Today we resume our rivalry with Chester, a team with which we have had many decent tussles of late. I am assuming that the Mbi Shay pitch doesn’t decide to confound the weather forecast again, of course.

Some of us have attended many postponed or abandoned games over the years, ranging from rolling fogbanks at the Shay against Northampton to a waterlogged pitch at Ebbsfleet, when the pitch couldn’t be forked at half time because the groundsman had gone home! Even dafter was a game at Bath, when the postponement was made at 11am “to save the Halifax fans from travelling”. We had arrived at 10am, and by kick-off time the pitch was perfectly playable….

All part of the fun for hardened football fans, as is our forthcoming fundraiser which involves a sponsored walk to the match at Guiseley on Saturday 17th March. Phil Knott has spent a lot of time planning and testing the route, which takes in Denholme Gate and Shipley. The event will only be a financial success if we can attract a decent number of volunteers, so how about it? The distance of 18 miles or so shouldn’t be beyond most able-bodied fans, and we will have transport following us in case anyone should get into difficulties. Just think of it as an early morning stroll, albeit a fairly long stroll.

You can volunteer by giving your name to our regular bucket collectors. Sponsorship forms will be available in due course. Even if you cannot walk for any reason, you can still help by sponsoring the lucky ones who will be participating. As ever, it is the fans that support us who will ultimately decide how much is raised on the day. Many thanks in advance for your assistance.

See you soon,          Kit.


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