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Bolton Wanderers: Trying To Find Solutions

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Sun 15 Jul 2018
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FC Halifax Town Jamie Fullarton was very happy with the way his team performed against Championship side, Bolton Wanderers, as the Shaymen narrowly missed out on a draw, being beaten 2-1.

Fullarton has mentioned the fact that he wants to apply the stuff that has been worked on during the training sessions into match situations.

After the game yesterday, he told us that focussing on the first game of the season against Braintree, he was very pleased with how the players showed the hard work they have put in.

“Again, and I’m boring people by repeating myself, but it is part of the process towards the 4th of August. So, the thing that we demand is that application and attitude and I feel as that was enforced today”.

“I think what really pleases us from today’s game, is there are really positive signs showing that we are understanding what’s been asked of us and they are trying to implement it. So that was a really pleasing aspect for me today”.

While he did admit there were plenty of positives to take from the game today, there are still things that need to be worked on. Fullarton has expressed that this will be the case in training before the 4th of August.

“It’s preseason, so again you have got to add balance to it and put it into context. It’s always pleasing when players are responsive to what you have asked them to do. So, from that point of view, our point of view, I think it was pleasing. Again, there are certainly aspects we need to improve on and we will do because we’ll continue to work on it over the next three weeks, so that’s what our focus will be”.

Bolton Wanderers did show signs today of why they still are a Championship club. The side from Lancashire performed well today.

However, Jamie Fullarton believes that his side did have most of the answers need to perform well against a side of this calibre.

“They asked different questions of us, players of that quality ask different questions of you, and when you don’t know the answers can you find a solution. I think at times that was the case”.

“Although we didn’t fully answer some questions, we were trying to find the solutions. Although it’s a different game (to Tuesday) the principles for us are the same and it’s taking those principles and applying them when the questions are asked”.

Mekhi Mcleod came off the bench in the second half and impressed thoroughly.

His wonderful solo goal was enough to put a smile on most people in the MBI Shay Stadium today. His manager, Jamie Fullarton, was impressed by all the substitutes.

“I had no doubt they would change the game. Again, it is pre-planned and we’re working towards that first game of the season”.

“So, with having another three games, and including this game four to go, we are strategically working to make sure that all players are on a level where we can pick an eleven to win the game against Braintree”.

Fullarton stated that he is always looking ahead to that crucial first game of the season.

With another very good performance put in today by FC Halifax Town, he is hoping that his players will be at a point where they can perform and win the game on the 4th of August.

“The point of us working and strategically planning pre-season is so that we don’t allow emotion to alter what we are doing It’s important come that first league game that we have all players available for selection and at a point where they can perform and do themselves justice”.

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