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Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Thu 15 Aug 2019
Posted in Audio Commentary

The club has been made aware of some comments made with reference to our match-day commentary provision.

Our comms equipment was purchased when we were part of the FLi website deal which allowed us to use a sim card and provide commentary via a phone as the majority of Conference National clubs did not provide ISDN lines for visiting Clubs.

Since we moved to our new independent site, the commentary is provided with the same equipment but we have to commentate via the web rather than via a phone line. Therefore, we phone a SKYPE number and then use MIXLR to broadcast the SKYPE call. This relies on a reliable internet connection which depends on the ground we’re visiting. We constantly review our commentary service but unfortunately we can’t legislate for the the quality of internet at each individual ground.

We realise that we won’t always please everyone but can assure you we’re doing our best with the resources available to us.

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