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AFC Wimbledon: 10 Things

Posted by Luke Davis
Posted on Thu 29 Nov 2018
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Ahead of FC Halifax Town’s FA Cup clash with AFC Wimbledon on Saturday, here is 10 things you may or may not have known the Dons…

  1. Formed in May 2002 after Wimbledon FC’s move to Milton Keynes. A large group of Wimbledon FC supporters opposed the move and switched allegiance to the new club.
  2. AFC Wimbledon currently hold the record of being the first team formed in the 21st century to make it to the Football League, in turn making them the youngest team in the football league.
  3. Having started the 2002/3 season in the Combined Counties League Premier Division it took the Dons nine season to reach the football league, earning five promotions it that time.
  4. The crest features a black double headed eagle to represent the coat of arms of the Municipal Borough of Wimbledon. It was designed to replicate the original club’s crest.
  5. Since 2006, Wimbledon have had Haydon the Womble as their mascot. It was named Haydon after Haydons Road, the nearest train station to the ground.
  6. In 2014, Wimbledon submitted a planning application to build a new ground on Plough lane, the same street the original club was based. In 2017 the club got permission to build on the site of the old Wimbledon Greyhound stadium. It is expected to be completed ready for next season.
  7. They currently play their games at Kingsmeadow, a ground that was owned by the Dons but was sold to Chelsea in 2017 to aid their work on the new stadium at Plough Lane.
  8. AFC Wimbledon’s longest unbeaten streak lasted from the 26th February 2003 to the 27th November 2004. A run that lasted 78 games, which is the longest unbeaten run of league matches recorded in all English senior men’s football.
  9. In their second season. Wimbledon competed in the Combined Counties League Premier Division. They comfortably won the league by 27 points. Scoring 180 times to achieve a goal difference of 148.
  10. Wimbledon’s biggest rivalry is with MK Dons, with rivalries against Crawley due to previous league meetings and Sutton due to the proximity of the two clubs.


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