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Wrexham: The Lads Are Gutted

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Wed 14 Aug 2019
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FC Halifax Town were defeated 1-0 last night at Wrexham, Jake Broderick spoke to Captain Matty Brown following the game

Jake: So, Matty, a gutting result for the team in the end?

Matty: Yeah, it’s gutting I know the lads are gutted in the dressing room. I thought we controlled large proportions of the game when we were 11 vs 11, when they go down to ten men you think you’re going to go on and nick the game, but I think we showed a little naivety tonight, we switched off at a crucial time, expected the referee to give a foul, quick play from them, it’s a sucker punch, it’s done us in the end, we’re all gutted and at the end there we could’ve had a penalty, but the referee has already sent a man off, in front of their own fans, you’re not going to get a penalty as well, but I think we’ve undone ourselves, yeah we’re a young team, but we’ve been naïve tonight, it’s a big learning curve.

Jake: A better second half display, do you think the team deserved more from the game?

Matty: You get what you deserve I think, we’ve got absolutely nothing from the game yet we should’ve, but it’s one of them you don’t win games by controlling games and playing tippy-tappy football when not doing anything with it, we’ve let ourselves down tonight as that should’ve been a game where we at least took a point from, the lads are hurting in there, we’ve got high standards of each other, yeah it’s gutting to be honest, you’ve caught me at a bad time, it obviously hurts with the start we’ve made, we knew we weren’t going to go the season unbeaten, but the way we’ve lost tonight that hurts. I’d rather get beat 5-0 and completely played off the park, but to undo ourselves, it’s frustrating, but we’ve got to dust ourselves down, use it as a learning curve and bounce back Saturday.

Jake: Of course, it’s not the result we’ve wanted, but how strong has the team looked in the first 4 games this season?

Matty: Yeah, it’s really encouraging, I think we’ve got a really different dimension this season. It’s exciting, we’re creating a lot of chances, playing some nice football, getting in some good areas, it’s just that final little bit to come together, we’ve scored a lot of goals already, but it’s places like this, you might only get 1 or 2 chances and you need to take them, but tonight we’ve put a good performance in, I’m sure we’re going to keep growing as a team, because we’ve got a manager in there that demands it from us. We’ve got a young squad that wants to do well, and we all get on well, we’ve got a great team spirit, it’s not going to affect us, we’re going to use this frustration and negativity to bounce back for Saturday.

Jake: Onto Aldershot on Saturday, what do you expect from them?

Matty: Another tough game, different but the same, they might not play as much football as Wrexham play, but it’s always a tough place to go. We need to recover from this one, get in with the gaffer and set up how we’re going to play against them, how we’re going to hurt them and we’re there threats come from, we’ll be fully prepared for it, but we’ve got to impose our own game on them. It’ll be another tough game as I keep saying, but we’ve got to take each game as it comes, there coming thick and fast, we can’t dwell on this negative result, we need to use it in the right way.

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