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Woking: A Game We Want To Win

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Fri 9 Mar 2018
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Jamie Fullarton believes that the team can still take the positives from the away draw at Eastleigh into this weekend’s game at Woking, despite it being two weeks ago.

The home match, which would have been Fullarton’s welcome at the MBi Shay Stadium was put back, following the adverse weather conditions which affected a lot of games in the division.

“We will look to take the positive things from the game at Eastleigh into the match this week against Woking.” Jamie Fullarton said.

“The point away at Eastleigh was good because it did not only show that we were able to get a point but a clean sheet also.” He added.

Fullarton knows that there is a “willingness” within the group since his appointment as manager and insists that everyone knows what is expected of them.

“There is a willingness within the group to work on tactics that we have implemented into the squad. “It is building the relationships as quick as we can.” Fullarton told the official website.

“The players understand the expectation and demand, and what they can expect from me.” The boss added.

The former Notts County manager reveals that it is a game that the team will be looking to win and will always have the same attitude.

“It is the adaptation to how the team works and how we work together has been pleasing and we are looking forward to the game on Saturday, it is a game we will be looking to win.” Fullarton said.

“Every game we play; we will be looking to win. Every game is difficult in its own way and Saturday at Woking is an example of that.” He added.

Woking go into this game having lost three in their last four games, but the manager believes that this won’t affect his approach to the game.

“You could say that they have lost three out of four. Or you could spin it on how they have the ninth best home record in the league.

“That does not affect our approach to the game. We will look at their strengths and how we will react to them.” Fullarton said.

Fullarton said that they can focus on the opponent’s weaknesses and strengths all day, but the most important things is what FC Halifax Town can control in the match.

“We can only control what we do in the game and how we impose ourselves on the game, that is the most important thing.” Fullarton commented.

Fullarton revealed that the team were able to train last Saturday with the game being called off, and it has helped them prepare even more for the tough test this week.

“It didn’t affect our plans for training. With the game being cancelled we were able to find an opportunity on the training pitch. He said

“Although we had prepared well for the game last week, and one we were looking forward to it did give us some time to focus on the training field and spend some more time working on things.” The boss added.

Fullarton believes that even if it is just watching the video from the previous game or watching on from the dugout, it still allows you to learn about the team.

“Every time you interact with a player, whether that is personally, in the dressing, room, on the training field or watching the video of the game back, you build a picture.

“You learn each time about them individually and collectively.”

Following the signing of Niall Maher from AFC Telford, Fullarton is keen to add more to the team, but insists that the plyer or member of staff must fit in with the current plan.

“We are always looking to add to the group, which is not only the players but the staff as well. He said.

“It has got to be someone who can add something to what we have here and fits in the same direction as what we are and gives us balance both on and off the pitch.” Fullarton said.

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