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Warrington Town: We Didn’t Build On A Fast Start

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Sun 21 Oct 2018
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Was it a case of scoring to early do you reckon today?

No, we want to get off to a fast start. We just didn’t build on that was the disappointing thing. We knew it was going to be a tough game certainly was and we need to be a lot stronger and show our qualities on the ball.

For your goal, it appeared it came to you at the last second with Staunton jumping up in front of you, was it a surprise that it got to you?

We work on our corners and set plays quite a lot and bit you’ve still got to do your run and if it comes in your area there’s a good chance that with the quality coming in delivery wise that it’ll be a good chance for us. We go up there for a reason to try and score and help the team.

Was it good to see Kosylo running up the other end of the pitch and reflecting your efforts, with his goal taking a chance on a defender’s mistake and the team got a fine reward from that.

Exactly. Kosylo’s work ethic is fantastic and has been since I’ve been at the club, he’s non-stop which for a defender it’ll be an absolute nightmare to play against him. Hopefully it’ll rub off on the team we’ve got to look at that and look at the players who are trying hard as they can to really push this club forward and do well for the team.

What was it like to defend today, every corner they seemed to have a new set play for it was it always a challenge?

It was yeah, every game you are assigned your man to mark. Whether they do something different or not it’s your job to stay with that man. They had about four or five on the bounce in the first half and like I say you’ve got to be strong and resolute and mark your man.

For Tuesday’s game do you reckon you’ll see more of the same set piece wise, they used a lot of different set pieces now another 90 minutes, do you reckon it’ll play more into your hands?

Possibly, we’ve got to look to be on the front foot we’re at home with the fans behind us the game and another opportunity to prove to the fans that we are trying to get that win and that everyone is pushing in the right direction and desperate to do that. It’ll be another tough game at home or not it’ll be a big game for them and a massive one for us and one we’re desperate to win.

The draw will take place before Tuesdays game, is there anyone you’re particularlyΒ looking out for and wanting in the draw?

No, we’ve got to focus on this game. That’ll certainly be my focus and the teams as well to focus on the game this Tuesday. I’m really looking forward to it, it’s another opportunity for us at home to go be on the front foot and certainly impress.

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