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Solihull Moors: Reflects The Players

Posted by Luke Davis
Posted on Sun 13 Jan 2019
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FC Halifax came from behind to draw 2-2 at home to Solihull Moors in the FA Trophy.

Jamie Fullarton spoke to Shaymen TV to give his thoughts on the game.

He said: “Obviously delighted considering the circumstances. Having gone 2-0 down in a game where we started reasonably well. We passed the ball much better and with more conviction than we have done in our previous game where we were quite critical of ourselves. Going in at half time 0-0, having had probably the better chances whilst making wrong decisions in the final third. We looked to pass when we should have shot and looked to shoot when we should have passed. To go 2-0 down in an abject 10 minutes of the second half, to come back and get something from the game. Disappointed not to win the game, then a little bit balanced and kind of half happy and not.”

The Shaymen found themselves two behind after goals from Adi Yussuf and Nathan Blissett. However, an excellent finish from Dayle Southwell and a great free kick from Matty Kosylo means a replay will be needed. Fullarton believes the belief the players showed is a huge positive.

He said: “It reflects the players as a group. Let’s not underestimate where Solihull are at the moment. They’re third in the league and winning games quite convincingly. They’ve a style and a way of playing that is really effective. I thought we managed that in terms of their directness. I thought we, as a contrast, did much better and moved the ball in a way that we’re looking for, that created opportunities. To come back from 2-0 against a team in the position that they’re in and the results that they’re gaining is a real positive. But it just reflects what the players are, and the expectation that the game lasts 95 minutes and you don’t win a game in 20. We could’ve almost lost it in 10 in that first period of the second half.”

The players continued to battle to the final whistle, with a few chances being created towards the end. Fullarton stated that that is what is expected of the players every game.

He said: “It’s an expectation. Whilst they got a reward for it, it’s a minimum. If they don’t then they haven’t grasped what the concept is at the football club, they are not reflecting what I am, what the chairman is or what the fans are. Whilst it is pleasing to see, it is a give-me in my book.”

Fullarton chose to bring on Cameron King and Jonathan Edwards for Jordan Preston and Scott Quigley. Both substitutes had an immediate impact of the game with Edwards winning the free kick that Kosylo scored. Fullarton is pleased that his substitutes were able to have such an impact on the game.

He said: “You pick a team, and what influences and guides you in picking the team is a number of things: Who you are playing, where you are playing, what your run of games are going to be, what their strengths are, and how we look to exploit their weaknesses. When the game pans out and you see the game, you make decisions that change. The fact that both substitutes came on and played a major part in us getting two goals back, then it’s great decisions isn’t it. But when you make decisions and they don’t then you don’t know what you’re doing, do you.”

With the replay scheduled for Tuesday night, Fullarton is confident his team will be ready to go with such a short turn around.

He said: “All the preparations have been done on them, we’ve played today, and we’ll look at the game, as I do, tonight. Then tomorrow, we’ll see areas where we need to improve. I think it was pretty obvious in one aspect, in terms of the two goals which were cheap and easy goals. I think if you see my reaction, even when we went 2-2, I was slightly perplexed shall we say. As a manager when you coach, you coach shape, organisation and prevent cheap goals to give us a platform to go and win games. Then you manufacture a certain way of playing to create opportunities which I felt we did really well at times, with really nice passages of play, really intricate play with pass-and-move. All that work and looking towards Tuesday, we know what to expect. Not only have Solihull Moors had consecutive consistent performances and results, what they do, they’re consistent. As long as we match that and negate any cheap or easy chances or goals like we gave them in the first 10 minutes of the second half. Then we give ourselves an opportunity to win the game and progress in the cup.”

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