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ShaymenTV Coming Soon

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Wed 26 Apr 2017
Posted in First Team

We’re currently in the process of creating our all new FCHT website. As part of that website we’ll be launching our own ShaymenTV service which will replace the current Shaymen Player HD – which is currently owned by EFL Digital. 

We’ll be launching this new service during June and this will be accessible across all devices. 

If you have recently received an email from EFL Digital about Shaymen Player HD and it’s transition to iFollow then we’d like to point out that from June – you will not be able to access any FC Halifax Town commentary, highlights or footage from their service. 

We’d ask that if you do currently subscribe to Shaymen Player HD through EFL Digital then please email where we’ll then be able to give you further information on the changes to the service. 

If you don’t currently subscribe to Shaymen Player then there will be further information about the new ShaymenTV service over the next few weeks. 

Also, for those that are subscribed to Shaymen Player HD this season, we apologise for a couple of technical issues that we have had with the video and audio service in recent weeks. 

We can confirm that the headphones have been sent for repair for the audio commentaries and will be back soon.

We have had an issue with the focusing on the camera, we believe this is now fixed and will be testing this again prior to Saturday’s game with Chorley.

For all the latest news from Saturday’s game at Chorley if you can’t make the game, stay with the official website.  

Thank you for your continued support

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