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Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Sun 21 Apr 2024
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The National League is extremely disappointed to announce that following a decision
of the EFL, Gateshead Football Club has failed to meet the entry criteria for membership to the EFL. As a result of the decision Gateshead will not be permitted to participate in the play-offs this season.
This decision is based on the club failing to meet the 10-year security of tenure at their stadium, required for new teams applying to enter the EFL which was required by 1 March 2024.
The club requested a 10-year security of tenure from Gateshead Council. This was refused. The National League wrote to the council in support of the application by the club highlighting the impact on the club, its supporters, and the local community if the security was not given.
Unfortunately, the response received was not supportive of the club’s requirements
and placed the club at risk of a refusal of membership to the EFL and therefore
forfeiture of any right to participate in the play-offs.
On 28 March 2024, following the deadline for licence applications to the EFL had passed, the Council offered options to the club. However, in the opinion of the EFL these options still did not satisfy their requirements.
The National League made representations to the EFL and are disappointed with the decision whilst at the same time recognise the entry requirements are clearly stated in the EFL rules.
The National League supported an appeal by the club which was denied by an EFL arbitration panel.
Whilst the club may consider further challenge, the current position under the rules is
that the club will not be eligible to participate in the play-offs this season.
Under the rules, the club cannot be replaced, and they will be removed from the planned fixture on Tuesday 23 April 2024. The outcome of this is that Solihull Moors will get a bye to the semi-finals.

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