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Morecambe: Delighted On A Number Of Levels

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Wed 21 Nov 2018
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FC Halifax Town made their way into the FA Cup second round as they beat Morecambe 1-0 in a replay of the first-round tie.

Shaymen TV spoke to manager Jamie Fullarton to get his thoughts on the game.

“I’m delighted on a number of different levels. The attitude and application, the motivation that the players showed tonight from a difficult game on Saturday, it’s another clean sheet, it’s a 1-0 victory and we’re in the next round of the cup.”

The Shaymen seemed to be the side in control for most of the game, especially in the first half where chances were created by the likes of Southwell, King, Kosylo and Preston. While in the second half all defended for each other. Fullarton was pleased with his side’s complete performance.

“I thought it was almost a complete game from us. From our point of view, it was half complete in the first half, and half complete in the second. What I mean by that is, in the first half, with the ball and possession, I thought we showed guile, understanding and created a number of chances. But then obviously the second half the onus was on them and they took it upon themselves, we had to defend resolutely. We were resilient and had to put our bodies on the line and it resulted in us getting the 1-0 victory.”

Despite two wins in a row Fullarton says the ratio of goals to chances still needs to improve so teams have less of a chance of getting back into a game.

“You start to worry and get concerned if you don’t create chances. We are still working hard on increasing and improving the ratio of goals to chances. I want less “oooo’s” from the crowd and more claps and cheers because that means goals have gone in. But again, it’s a work in progress and I think our defensive shape as a team was fantastic. They played in that structure because it was called upon second half and it was needed because at times we were under severe pressure, but the determination throughout was really pleasing to see.”

Fullarton’s side defended extremely well again. Holding onto the 1-0 lead, restricting Morecambe to any golden opportunities throughout the game.

“It’s coming regularly in games where the players are reducing the number of opportunities and chances that the opposition has. Then it comes from long balls or long-range shots and if that’s the case it gives us that foundation to build upon. But again, when we get into that final third can we increase those ratios”.

It’s 5 clean sheets in 7 now for The Shaymen a great start to for the club to build upon and get results from.

“It’s important. It’s a foundation we’re looking to build upon and again if we can maintain that and continue to do that, we have a better chance and opportunity to win games.”

The fans were excellent tonight. Singing all night and celebrating emphatically at the end. Fullarton was impressed with how they reacted to the player’s performances.

“The fans were excellent, again it’s that vicious circle. On the pitch, we’ve got to give them something to encourage and get them excited and involved and I think the players did that tonight. I don’t think they can’t be faulted. When I say that I don’t mean they can’t make mistakes, I think their attitude and their determination showed in abundance tonight. The fans appreciated that and responded well.”

With Ebbsfleet the next game on Saturday. FC Halifax Town are preparing and hoping again for the same result as the last two games.

“I’ve already started preparation on Ebbsfleet 2 days ago. The players will rest recover tomorrow ready to go again Thursday and we’ll give them a game plan and hopefully revitalized energy levels so they’re ready to go with the same commitment that we showed tonight.”

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