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Eastleigh: Supporters Club

Posted by Halifax Town Supporters Club
Posted on Sat 23 Nov 2019
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Good afternoon, and welcome to you all. Some of you may already have noticed that the Supporters Club have now entered the 21st century (albeit around 20 years late). Yes, I am pleased to report that (thanks to Committee member Rob Brown) it is now possible to join the Supporters Club without filling in a paper form!

Details appear on the ever popular website and will follow on other platforms to give everyone ample opportunity to join our organisation. It comes entirely free and incorporates benefits which have been detailed a time or two previously in these notes.

The initiative again demonstrates just how important it is for us to attract new (and hopefully younger) fans to join our Committee. The world of communication has moved on apace since most of us joined up, and we simply need new blood who understand technology a lot better than ourselves. If you feel you could assist us in any way, just approach any Committee member. Don’t worry – we are not looking for people with any particular skills – we will find a suitable niche for you.

One aspect of technology we have managed to embrace (thanks to Committee member Rachel Jakeman) is our Premier League fantasy football competition, which can be found on our Facebook page. It is now in full swing, and although it is not too late to join, you would effectively be playing “catch-up”. Feel free to give it a go; you could actually use it as a practice for next season, perhaps?

Our “play the squares” page, which features elsewhere in this publication remains about thirty squares short of being completely filled. Squares are £10 each and can be booked by speaking to our bucket collectors inside the turnstiles at most home matches. Just tell us the name (personal or business) you would like to fill your chosen square(s), give us the cash, and your details will appear as if by magic in every programme until the season’s finale. As an added incentive, if every square is filled, we will give a free shirt to one lucky participant, chosen by drawing a name from a hat. To paraphrase a modern slogan, “Let’s get play-the-squares done”!

See you soon,       Kit.

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