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Dover Athletic: We Were Due The Win

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Sun 18 Nov 2018
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FC Halifax Town were 1-0 winners over Dover Athletic yesterday, we caught up with match winner Matty Kosylo for his views

How good does it feel to finally get a win in league after such a long run without one?

I think I said after the game against Solihull that it was coming, we weren’t far away we’ve picked up a few good draws against tough teams where a lot of teams have gone and haven’t picked up points. So, I didn’t think it was far away and we’ve got a bit of rub of the green today with the deflected shot and it has gone right in the top corner. In the second half although we made hard work of it, I thought we defended very well.

The goal came from you 5 minutes before half time is that the perfect time to get a goal in a game like today?

Yeah, I think we deserved more than one goal in the first half to be fair so it just sort of relaxed us a bit. After the goal you see we kept the ball for long periods of time in the remainder of the half, so it did give us confidence and I think we were due the win today.

You feel you should’ve got more out the first half then?

I think we did deserve more than one goal. I think that would’ve buried the game to be honest, but we’ll move onto the next game with confidence again.

Were you or the team getting a bit nervy towards the end?

It would creep in with any team when you’ve gone a while without a win. It’s not a feeling on the surface it’s a sub-conscience feeling of oh god was under pressure here let’s defend let’s do the basics, rather than maybe take a risk to take the pass that would break lines and things like that. So, it can creep in but it’s not a feeling of god were nervous.

Next up on Tuesday is Morecambe in The FA Cup replay, your now available again what are you looking forward to?

Just being back involved, I was looking forward to being back involved today to be fair. I’ll go into like another game didn’t think there was much difference between us at their place. Hopefully we’ll get them on here and we’ll follow on from today’s performance and kick on.

Is the team confident? People will say Halifax have got nothing to lose going into the game.

I think we have got something to lose, both teams have got something to lose they’ll go out the FA cup a massive tournament. We’ll go in like it’s another game, we’ll prepare right, and we’ll go into it with a bit more confidence than we would previous because we’ve picked up our first in in a while.

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