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Dag & Red: Travellers Tales

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Sun 6 Nov 2016
Posted in First Team

Eccentric, unpredictable, passionate, noisy and a bit bonkers, it was never dull being around our close friend Colin, aka Megaphone Man, who sadly passed away this week. We even had to impose a non-negotiable rule for travelling in the car, shout what you like, just make sure the road ahead is clear! We often needed a getaway route for our own safety such was his excitement at winning away. His mantra was simple, “It says in the programme to support your team and make as much noise as possible.”  I think it’s fair to say he did that to the full. We’re going to miss you Colin and that blooming megaphone, but the memories will live on.


Dark, damp and trying desperately not to slip on the falling autumn leaves, you can’t beat the magic of a really tough away game in the first round of the FA Cup.  By 7:30am we were our way and making score predictions for our roll-over jackpot. We were clearly not travelling 220 miles down the A1 with any real expectations but in football you never know.


After reliving the excitement of the midweek FA Youth Cup comeback, Tesco Pete was soon sharing the news of his recent appearance on the weekly Shaymen Player podcast, ‘The Shaymen Show’. After knowing glances were exchanged around the car, the Greetland Shayman finally gave the nod of authorisation, it was a going to be a long day and we had to hear him at some point. Soon episode 4 was playing loudly throughout the car, then episodes 3, 2 and 1. I’m sure his claim to fame is true but as we reached our destination, there was no sign of his 15 minutes of radio fame!


Dagenham and Redbridge’s Victoria Road ground is a really welcoming venue.  On street parking and a club house that’s used by the local community throughout the week and not just on match days. Everyone seemed to say hello appreciating the long journey we’d made south, you could even buy drinks in the bar served in a four pint jug. Happy times!


Unusually for most clubs, the away fans at Dagenham are given access to what is the best accommodation in the ground, a modern all-seater stand opened seven years ago with great views from the goal and full bar facilities and live TV football underneath.  The rest of the ground has covered terracing down one side and covered seating in the main stand. The opposite end is an open terrace and a scoreboard.


At half time it was goalless. The home side had hit the bar whilst Liam King appeared to have missed a sitter up the other end. In truth it was a very close game. With few chances in the second half, a shout for a Halifax penalty was perhaps the best opportunity, but the vocal 250 odd travelling Shaymen all seemed happy with the result.


Driving back and there’s a real buzz in the car. The Greetland Shayman is all excited, 0-0 and he’s won the roll-over jackpot, Tesco Pete is on 606 getting us a mention on national radio and we’re in the draw for the second round of the FA Cup for first time since re-forming. In all the excitement we forgot to tune in again for Tesco Pete’s 15 minutes of fame, perhaps we’ll do that on the next away trip.


Next up we’re off to get lost again just up the road at Curzon Ashton.


C’mon Shaymen Ole, Ole, Ole, Ole…..


Total miles on the road this season 2026, total Goals 25

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