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Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Mon 10 Feb 2020
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As we head into the final third of the 19/20 campaign, who would ever have thought we’d be sitting third in the National League, given our somewhat ‘tricky’ pre-season.  Credit must be given to Pete Wild and his team, of course the players, and our small off field team who work tirelessly behind the scenes to run the club.

We communicated back in October, that we felt it an opportune time to consider further external investment to help strengthen the club both on and off the field. Since that announcement we have had two expressions of interest regarding a discussion, one being supportive and advisory rather than offering investment and the other never following through interest resulting in any meeting.

As the season has progressed it’s become more and more apparent that the football landscape at this level continues to evolve with significant and increasing amounts of money still being invested . . . clubs all vying to achieve promotion, at times regardless of the cost and sometimes falling short.  Of course we’re not in that position and we work hard to run your club sustainably, making every penny work hard. Does this mean we have no ambition? Of course not, it just means we will not be reckless, live beyond our means nor will we put the club at financial risk under ‘our watch’.

We’ll continue to invite investment discussions and if it becomes apparent that the club would be better placed to achieve League status under new ownership then this of course would be a viable consideration given where we’re placed and our length of tenure.

If this situation develops, we will share any meaningful information with you, in the meantime, we will continue to run the club as the finances will allow.

Thank you for your continued support.

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