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Bromley: Didn’t Work The Goalkeeper Enough

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Posted on Sun 30 Sep 2018
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FC Halifax Town drew 2-2 away at Bromley yesterday and Town boss Jamie Fullarton spoke to Kelly Gilchrist for Shaymen TV after the game to give his thoughts on the game.

After the 2-2 draw away at Bromley what are your thoughts on that Jamie?

Obviously when you go 1-0 so early on to a penalty, to then go 2-1 to get something from it there’s a degree of pleasure and relief based on how the game went. Whilst it’s disappointing it was a real opportunity to get the three points and the way the game panned put also, but we haven’t we’ve got one boy have shown a great attitude and credit to them going down so late 2-1 to get back and gain something from the game.

What’s your take on the penalty?

Again, from my angle it is difficult to say, the fourth official gave was the same it’s a penalty because the referee gave it as a penalty. From that point given it was nip and tuck in the first 15 minutes when they took the lead they seem to sit back which resulted in us for 30 minutes of the game we had as much possession in an away game this season and last season. Our productivity with possession though we created half chances we didn’t work the goalkeeper well enough or often enough.

Sam Johnson got a hand to that, but it has rebounded to him to put Bromley 1-0 ahead.

Yeah, our reaction was poor. It was a fantastic stop by Sam he guessed the right way got a good hand to it the lad’s momentum who took the penalty had carried him through to then tap it in. Having said that the lads responded well to that with a good 30 minutes.

You lost Neil Maher to injury they’re stacking up now.

Yeah again it’s one of those, we’ve got some suspensions also which are more controllable and are more disappointing because you’re asking the boys to put their bodies on the line and worked to the level that me do and obviously it’s an occupational hazard and we deal with that and that’s why try to bring a squad in as oppose a team of 11.

Josh Staunton coming back into the team as sub, coming on and getting the equaliser.

He has and it’s great, unfortunately it’s a demand on Josh probably wouldn’t have liked having been back involved it the full. But as you’ve touched on its due to injury, squad size and where we are at in general. We are having to put demands on players with such good characters and personalities that they’re willing to play. It’s up to me as manager to try and make sure come back when its correct to reduce the risk of re-occurrence, but today we were forced with the injury and the suspension we have got and obviously he’s come, and he’s scored, and he was competent in his role which is good to see.

At one a piece did you think we had enough to go on and win the game?

Yeah, I did, we had enough but when we scored and again to and fro and how goals change games, there was a spell for about 10 minutes where they gained momentum with them being the home team and wanting to go win it. When 1-0 and 2-1 they seemed to sit back and hold on to what they had. They tried to manage that period of 15 minutes after the goal they slowed down took time over set pieces, but as it went 1-1 they showed an impetus, then they gain the goal then it swung back in our favour and obviously we were pushing in injury time to try and get the three points because that is what we want to do, we want to three points not one.

When we went 2-1 down from a good goal from them, what was your view on that?

No, it’s not a good goal from them. I’ve never really liked to give them credit to goals that I feel are preventable, it’s something we work on all week. I’m at an advantage and disadvantage when I know what we do and what the players understand and what’s expected of them and the goal came from something we work on every day and try and prevent from a defensive point a view so we’ve had one or two words after were I expect it to be better because my job as manager is to remove any excuse or reason we can’t go and win games or perform or concede goals and those goals as you say from their point of view it’s a very good goal but it could’ve been prevented therefore we want them prevented.

2-1 down going into injury time, Jordan Preston has popped up and he’s earned us a point this afternoon.

Yeah, he has, and I think not just Jordan Preston although he obviously scored the goal, I think the team has earned the point but were disappointed with a point, we’re always disappointed with just a point it’s never a bad point. Away from home if you can pick up points then great, obviously when playing at home we want all three but even away from home this week next week every other week we play we’re looking to win three points, so late on in the game when your 2-1 down and you get a draw then you must be reasonably happy.

Long drive down today and next week thoughts about Aldershot going forward?

Yeah, I focus is reflect and review what has happened today. Next week it’s a different team different surface which again plays a part and it will be different questions ask of us and now our focus now turns to Aldershot and how can we those three points

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