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Braintree: Good to be Back

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Fri 4 Apr 2014
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Club captain Danny Lowe made his comeback to action coming off the bench during a 0-0 draw against Braintree Town at The Shay on Thursday night, Danny said how good it was to be back after the game.

“Yeah it feels good actually, I’ve obviously been out for quite a long time and the lads have done well so I have had to be patient to get a run out and obviously happy I got a bit of minutes on the pitch today so the knee feels good and we got a point out of that game so yeah I am happy.”

Danny believes that it was important ensure Town were not defeated on Thursday night.

“In reflection and analysing the sort of game it was, slow, whistle going every two minutes, they come with a certain game plan and if we are not going to score and we are not going to create many chances then it is just as important that we are keeping a clean sheet and we can show that we don’t lose the game so it was definitely important in a game like that, that we didn’t concede.”

Despite Neil Aspin making two other attacking changes with Marlon Jackson and debutant Scott Spencer entering the action with Lowe in the second half, Danny thinks it wasn’t going to be the Shaymen’s night.

“I just think it was one of those games to be honest, there was no tempo to the game really it was stop-start, the referee was a little bit whistle happy to be honest we didn’t get the tempo going ourselves, they started the game a little bit better than us but they had a game plan to slow the game down because they have had a tough week so you can see why they have done that. I think it stifled us a bit and we couldn’t get Greggs (Gregory) in the game, didn’t get the ball down really to begin with and when we got passing we was giving it away a lot. On reflection and analysing the game we are unbeaten in six now won five drawn one so it is not too bad!”

The clean sheet means that the Town defence have four clean sheets in a row now and Danny believe the defence reserves a lot of credit on how they have improved.

“We have been winning games like 5-3, 4-2 and obviously for the goal against we had quite a high one but we are starting to reduce that now and obviously the lads have done tremendous and like you say, four clean sheets we are looking really solid. Apart from the one in the first half when the lads should have done better that’s the only chance they’ve had really so fair play to the lads who have been playing they have done really well.”

With four points from Luton Town and Braintree Town and game with other teams who are also in the play-off hunt Danny believes the chase is on.

“We have got Nuneaton to play who are in and around us, we have got Grimsby to play we have got Barnet to play we yeah it is in our hands and it is an objective that we are trying to achieve and we are confident that we can do it, like you say we have picked up a lot of points keeping clean sheets, scoring for fun, tremendous result again Luton the lads were all on a high after that.”

“I suppose on reflection against Luton we have gone from a high 3,800 there and a lot of fans here and a come down to tonight were there are not as many fans here, it is a cold misty night and to try and get that same level of performance is quite difficult.”

Vice-captain Lee Gregory started Thursday night’s match as skipper as he has done in the absence of Lowe. But when Lowe entered the field Gregory wasted no time removing the arm-band and handing it back to Lowe. Danny however believes the team has a great unity.

“I have been here a while, obviously even though I have not been involved I have still been in and around the lads and acting like a captain really and a team player and things like that. People will say you are the captain but you are not involved with the team but football doesn’t work like that if you are the captain or not the lads have done well since I have been out and they have took their chances and we are on a good run, like I say you have just got to sit and bide your time and obviously I am club captain and Lee has stepped in for me while I haven’t been playing, so yeah it is nice and I get on with Lee as well, we have known each other a long time and it is a nice gesture but we are leaders out there and we are all in it together.”


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