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Barrow: It’s A Work In Progress

Posted by FC Halifax Town
Posted on Thu 9 Aug 2018
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FC Halifax Town manager Jamie Fullarton was pleased to see his side win their second game of the season.

He told the official website after the game, “Well obviously, its pleasing to get a win at home, following on from Saturday. Pleasing to score two goals, as well as a clean sheet, but obviously its only 2 games down with 44 to go and there’s many areas we’re looking to improve in and can improve in as we move along. So that’s what we’re looking for as we strive towards Saturday.”

Fullarton continued, “Parts of it were pleasing, and there are areas that I’ve touched on that we need to improve on and work hard on, on a daily basis, which we are doing, and I think its work in progress. But, you know 3 points, 2 goals and another clean sheet always sometimes clouds the fans, but in a positive way. But again, realise they watch them both ways, when you’re asking them to be balanced as a manager, when we lose, or we win. So as you can see I’m being rather reflective and balanced tonight because whilst its great, now our focus is on Saturday, and we’ve got to have a consistency in the performance, consistency in our habits and behaviours, to enable us to continue getting the best opportunities to win games.”

Losing Josh Staunton, you know I think it made it a little bit disruptive, and it took us a little while to settle back down and get ourselves back into what the game plan was.

In relation to four different goalscorers this season, he said, “I mean again it doesn’t matter where they come from, or how they come. But technically set pieces are open play because it’s not direct unless it’s a penalty or a direct free kick. But If we continue to score from set pieces, if we continue to win 2-0, then I don’t really care where we score them from or how we score them, and I’m sure everyone whose listening this and watching this will feel the same.”

He added, “Along the course of the season, I think it’s important that we can you gain goals from as many different areas, because if you become too reliant on any one area or any one person then it makes it difficult if they’re having an off day, so its good to see its being spread around.”

Fullarton concluded, “(The games) come thick and fast, I think we have 7 games in August that will test us,  as it will with every other team in the league and I think that its underestimated the impact that has, even tonight you know we’ve picked up 1 or 2 knocks and niggles and we need to see how they are for Saturday. But again it’ll be a competitive game, (Maidstone) got a good result tonight, so we look forward to it playing at home again.

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