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Barrow: He’s A Natural Goal Scorer

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Posted on Thu 9 Aug 2018
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FC Halifax Town were 2-0 winners over Barrow. Captain Matty Brown was on the scoresheet and he spoke to Kelly Gilchrist regarding the game.

Kelly: Captain Matty Brown, 2nd in the league after that, possibly joint top, you’ve got to be pleased with that?

Brown: Yeah, we didn’t start so well, they came out and they were the better team, they passed the ball round well, stretched us and I think we struggled to get to grips with things. We got in at half time, a goal obviously against the run of play and we said a few things in there we needed to sort out, second half we came out and put them wrongs right. I think now we’re growing as a team and wanting to work for each other in the second half, we scored at the right time again, we see teams off and we got that resilience about us and it’s good when you can maybe not be the better team and come away the three points.

Kelly: You say we scored at the right time, Dayle Southwell scoring the first goal from open play this season?

Brown: Yeah, well he’s going to score goals Dayle, he’s a natural goal scorer, it’s just about him getting in the positions and he’ll put them away, Johnny too. Obviously first half we struggled, we couldn’t get hold of the ball, we were under a bit of cosh I think it’s fair to say but erm you know I think we addressed it well, and like I said before we put our wrongs right. We managed to implement our own game plan on the game, second half a bit more and I think when we were winning the ball back, we looked dangerous on the counter attack, we looked solid, we’re tough to score against, tough for creating chances against and we’re breaking well. We’ve got plenty of attacking flair going forward, so you know as long as we stay in games, we can always score goals but I’m happy with the way we bounced back.

Kelly: And looking at the way we score goals, that’s three corners from Ben Tomlinson?

Brown: Yeah, well his delivery has been really good, totally down to the delivery, we work on things and we’ve got big lads that want to go and head the ball and sometimes in this league that’s all that matters, it’s who wants it more and if the balls put in a good area, more times than not we’ll go stick on our head on it, it’s good to get the win because on a different night, we could’ve been 2-0 down.

Kelly: Nathan Clarke got the second goal on Saturday, you got the goal tonight?

Brown: Yeah, it’s nice to share them out, I think we’ll have a little competition ourselves this season, but you know it’s good. Dayle scoring, Johnny scoring, I’d much rather the strikers scoring goals and us keeping clean sheets, that’s the bread and butter, anything else is a bonus but we’ve done nothing yet, there’s been two games, we’re in a good position but got a long way to go so we just got to keep standards up, I feel like we dropped our standards from Saturday, can’t afford to do that because we’ll get punished.

Kelly: Home game against Maidstone United, what do you expect on Saturday?

Brown: Another tough game, I don’t think they’ll pass it as much as Barrow looked to do tonight, but every game at this level it’s the same, it’s a war of attrition and eighty percent of the game it’s like that then your quality shines through, you’ve got to be willing to do the dirty work. I think besides the first half we got a little disjointed, but you seen the lads wanting to do that extra shift and help each other out and we got our reward at the end.

Kelly: Thank you very much Matty.

Words by Jake Broderick

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