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AFC Telford United: Supporters Notes

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Sat 17 Dec 2016
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Good afternoon, and welcome to you all. This being the festive season, today I pose the question: How do you know it’s Christmas time? In my case, the answer was to be found as we walked towards Eastleigh’s ground the other week, when I saw what first appeared to be a number of bird’s nests in the trees. It was actually mistletoe, which apparently grows in abundance down South at this time of year. I don’t recall ever seeing it “wild” before.

Christmas also used to mean local derbies galore, allowing us to go straight home to family parties after the match. It’s a few years now since I got to one, as we now seem to travel long distances for Boxing Day fixtures every year – particularly annoying when there’s no public transport!

To the FCHT players, Christmas means moderation with food and drink, due to the requirement to maintain fitness levels. At the Supporters Club, it’s the time when the buckets jingle a touch more than usual, and the final chance for us to raise funds from the miniature Shay model, both by selling raffle tickets and by persuading willing punters to estimate the number of bricks used to build the model.

Whatever Christmas might mean to each and every fan, the Supporters Club would like to wish you the Season’s Greetings, and the very best for the forthcoming New Year. Merry Christmas!

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