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AFC Fylde: Should Be An Exciting Game

Posted by Kelly Gilchrist
Posted on Thu 25 Aug 2016
Posted in First Team

Hopefully it’ll be a goal fest…

Ahead of our match away at AFC Fylde on Saturday we spoke to Jordan Sinnott for his views in what could prove to be a crucial game against fellow promotion chasing rivals…

Fylde coming up, they’ve just had a high-scoring result away at Brackley, 5-3 to Fylde, a big team in the league, how do you feel that will go?

“Yeah, it should be an exciting game, they’ve started well and they’re scoring a lot of goals and we’ve won 4-0 today [Saturday against Tamworth] and hopefully it’ll be a goal fest. We’ll look to keep this momentum going with a win and keep pushing on.”

You mentioned goals, but the recent clean sheets against Worcester and Tamworth have got to be something you’re looking to continue?

“Yeah, massively; at the end of the day, if you get a clean sheet and just the one goal then you win the game and that’s what the gaffer is trying to instil with us here. Even today at 3-0 up at half-time he was banging on ‘clean sheet, clean sheet –it’s not over, don’t let them get a sniff and get back into it’. Which you’ve got to give credit to Drenchy and the back four because they were outstanding today.”

On a personal note, you’ve gotten two for the season, how many more do you think you can get?

“[Chuckles] to be fair I haven’t even thought about; I feel if I do that I’ll put myself under too much pressure. I was glad to get a goal against Tamworth, especially because I was so disappointed not to have gotten one at Stockport on Tuesday. I was very happy to see it go in and I’ve hit the bar, but sometimes you need that bit of luck and I’ll hope it comes on Saturday when we push on.”

Liam King back today, do you feel that there is a healthy competition for places or have you locked down that spot in the centre of midfield?

“Good for Kingy to be back today, he was bitterly disappointed to be out with injury at the beginning of the season. I don’t think anyone can feel that just because they’ve scored they are guaranteed to be picked next game because you can’t think like that. Competition is good for everyone in this team because we have a great squad and I feel like that keeps us wanting to push on.”

On his long throw:

“[Laughs] the boys are giving me a bit of stick because I didn’t mention it before! The first home game when I went to take one the gaffer tried to fine me because I didn’t tell him. Obviously it’s a good weapon with all the big lads in this team and I am more than happy to do it and hopefully provide a few more goals.”

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